Words and music by Justin Neway

Verse 1
If I were to go a million miles
Travel each land and see every smile
Whichever road I took I’d never be alone
I’d see you everywhere
In the smallest beauty there
And all around me I’d find loving
From your eyes

Verse 2
And when the morning came and whispered sweet songs to me
And the daybreak was on and tiptoed across the trees
Spreading the petals of the blossoms to the sun
I’d think of the love we had
And begin to understand
The beauty and the wonder
Of our lives

Verse 3
As the stream of time flows trickling by my toes
My life’s not done and I’ve so many places to go
Oh won’t you share my joys and help me sing my song
Come and walk the sands
Oh stay and hold my hand
But whatever you do just please
Remember me
Whatever you do
Wherever you are
Whatever you do just please
Remember me

Copyright © 2019, NewNotes Music by Life Energies

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