What if you had eyes, but you couldn’t see?

This Thanksgiving Season, let’s remember to help those less fortunate

Most of us are lucky…we have eyes that let us see.  What if we couldn’t see?  What if the world was all just vague shades of light and dark?  Making sense of it and trying to get educated to be a productive member of society would be extremely difficult…and that’s just what life is like for Aadila (Aadi) Skotnicky.

Aadi lives in South Africa.  She was born with an eye condition that left her almost blind.  She can only sense light and dark with no clarity of objects.  But she loves helping people, and despite her disability, she’s been studying and learning as much as she can, striving to get educated and make a career for herself as a Professional Caregiver in the healing arts.

Fortunately, there’s new technology that can help Aadi.  An “Orcam My Eye” will read text to her from printed pages, and recognizes faces and products and much more – what a huge difference that will make in her life and education!  But it costs $4,250, and that’s much more than Aadi and her family of very modest means can afford.

Between Aadi’s savings, and generous donations from friends and family, we’ve raised $1,200.  Now she needs your help to raise the rest using GoFundMe.

Please give generously – this young lady will deeply appreciate it.  (CLICK HERE TO DONATE). You will make a big difference in her life and education that will allow her to make a big difference in the lives of all those she wants to be a Professional Caregiver for.

“I’m really looking forward to opening a book, any book, and being able to read it.  Thank you so much! Love from Aadi”