Play “Take the Road” and the Proceeds go to a Special Fundraiser for the Blind

NewNotes Music and singer-songwriter Justin Neway are donating all the playing and download proceeds from his new song “Take the Road” to a special fundraiser for the blind. For details of the fundraiser CLICK HERE. All proceeds will go to the fundraiser for as long as it’s active or until the goal is reached. So, please share this page with friends and let’s take it viral to achieve our fundraising goal.

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Here’s what Singer Songwriter Justin Neway said about his new song “Take the Road”: “I wrote this song after a solo drive across the US from Massachusetts to California. As I crossed the country with all its beautiful scenery, memories came flooding back to keep me company. Sadly, that scenery is not visible to blind people, but the images in my song paint a picture that everyone can “see.”

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and all the proceeds will go to the special fundraiser.


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